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career coachingCareer Integrity Coaching Services:

At Career Integrity Coaching we work closely with all professional levels in various industries.

The encouragement and support that Career Integrity Coaching will offer you:

One-On-One Career Coaching:

Empower clients with the tools for successful career planning and advancement. Designed to assist you to get results in during your career transition and current job search.

Outplacement Services:

We provide corporations with support and guidance when it is decided a reduction in workforce is necessary in order to achieve your current business goals. There are group and individuals programs available that will enable your affected employee to work on their current job strategy.

This is also to guarantee a smooth transition and reduce the possibility of litigation.

College Counseling:

Provide advice to help students make informed decisions and formulate a plan pertaining to their career options and/or college choices.

Reviewing ones interests, values, skills, personal growth and attitude in depth.

Overall services:

Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Career Counseling, Preparation for Job Interviews, Support in Negotiating Job Offers.


An effective job search begins with an analysis of your experience, skills, and qualifications to help you determine the perfect career position for this time of your life. The next step employs an effective transition strategy and a proactive marketing campaign to achieve results. “Transferable Skills”.


Evaluate your career experience to determine what you have to offer in today’s job market in order to define the career path that is best for you.
We establish a long-term relationship that continues after a successful career change to help with your future career planning.


Our Coaching Sessions:

Objective: You will get a clearer picture of your values and what you want out of career.



You will be able to set realistic, achievable and practical career goals.

You will increase your self belief and confidence in your ability to achieve these goals.

To think outside the box in order to achieve clarity.

You will be able to resolve issues and challenges in a constructive way.

You will be more motivated about goal setting and action planning.

Deciding on several options that are best for you.

Insight to understand one’s potential.

You will choose a job or career that will be enjoyable and fulfilling.

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